BZM 27cc and 30.5cc Gas RC Engine by BiZeta Motors

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The MISTRAK for the RC sector is born directly from the BZM racing department.
This engine is a concentrate of power and design and innovation, all with very high precision components and machining.
It is available in displacements:
There are also 2 versions available, although the "Carbon" that utilizes a carbon fiber front cover, and rear starting pulley is stocked. The pull-start version can be special ordered:

  • With pulley  for electric start and carbon cover.
  • Will pull-starter

Technical features:
- Engine crank case milled from block with innovative internal cooling system that allows to maintain optimal operating temperatures in any condition to obtain TOP performance.
- Material: special aluminium alloy with high percentage of silicon and titanium that guarantees exceptional strain strength even at high temperatures.
- Heat treatment: special quenching and stabilizing treatment that gives the material increased toughness and strength, guaranteeing that mechanical and size specifications will remain unaltered for temperatures of up to 250 °C.
- Chip-forming machining: carried out on NC machining centres with extremely-limited size and shape tolerance (roundness, perpendicularity).
- Inner surface coating: effected using silicon carbide on a nickel matrix with heat treatment that guarantees extreme hardness and excellent resistance to wear.
- Internal machining of cylinder: using special machines that allow a degree of finish on the cylinder barrel walls whose roughness corresponds with the angles set at the design stage (grinding process using special stone).
- Port and exhaust diagrams: designed and manufactured especially for racing. The definition of the port and exhaust diagrams has requested considerable effort on the part of our engineers both on engine test stands and the circuits on which the trophy is held.
- Material: special aluminium alloy with a very high percentage of silicon and titanium that guarantees both excellent heat resistance and strain strength upon temperature variation.
- External coating: graphite coating that guarantees a very low friction coefficient
- Structure: reinforced in order to offer resistance to the stress suffered by cylinder units used for top-level competition, but at the same time light enough to reduce inertial force. 
- Ring: 1 mm nodular-cast-iron single ring with rectangular cross section and hard-chromium coating on outer surface.
- Rings in very strong modular cast iron with ground, wear-resistant, hard chrome metal-spray coating on the contact surface.
- Material: special alluminium alloy with a very high heat exchange coefficient.
- Geometry of heat exchange surfaces recalculated and increased.
- Combustion chamber completely-designed to obtain a high compression ratio with a very high turbolece.
- Machining: numerically controlled machines.

- The crankshaft is the heart of the endothermic engine.
- All aspects of engine performances start from the crankshaft.
- It is not possible to obtain good engine performance and reliability unless a top-quality crankshaft is fitted.
- This is why Bzm produces only the very best in crankshafts.

- Half-shafts with forged monolithic rotating masse.
- Manufactured using high-precision machine tools.
- All components are subjected to 5 heating treatment operations.
- Excellent surface finish for improved reliability.
- Dynamic balancing for speeds of up to 20,000 rpm.
- Coppered connecting rod in forged, connected to the engine with precision roller bearing for high speeds

Oversized reed valve able to increase performance, optimizing the flows thanks also to the internal deflector supplied. The lamellar pack is molded, in reinforced nylon, suitable for use at high temperatures. Through a drop-down menu, it is offered the possibility to configure it with different types of slats, suitable for your needs. The flows are optimized thanks also to the internal deflector supplied. The lamellar pack is molded, in reinforced nylon, suitable for use at high temperatures. On the site there are also 6 different configurations of carbon fiber and fiberglass blades in different thicknesses and stiffnesses.
Electronic ignition with possibility to change the ignition advance.  

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