O.S. .21XM Version II Air Cooled Outboard Marine Engine and Parts

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$539.00 for OS 21 XM Vll New Outboard Engine. We have New and Used Engines and Parts in stock. These items are offered as we acquire and offer them to help our RC Boat Hobby NAMBA and IMPBA outboard stock classes. We are here to sell Novarossi Engines and Parts but offer this as a service to our hobby pending Novarossi's availability one day of complete Stock Outboard Engines including powerhead, stock muffler, and lower units. Please email with any questions that you may have. Thanks.


This is the O.S. 21XM Version II Air Cooled Outboard Marine Engine.

****** Because of the competition nature of this engine,******
******it is NOT covered by the O.S. 2 Year Warranty.****** 


Designed expressly for small and medium size outboard boats
Installed aluminum tilt transom mounting plate
Preassembled outboard unit with flexible propeller
Blue anodized aluminum heat sink head
42mm carbon fiber propeller
20J carburetor 


O.S. 21XM Version II Outboard Marine Engine, Muffler, Mounting Plate,
#8 Glow Plug, Propeller, Outboard Unit, Steering Arm and


Glow Fuel: 10-30% nitromethane content, use 20% for break-in
Glow plug igniter and shore equipment 


Displacement: .21 cu in (3.5cc)
Bore: 0.654" (16.6mm)
Stroke: 0.630" (16mm)
Practical RPM: 3,000 - 25,000
Power Output: 1.3 PS, 1.28 HP @ 25,000RPM
Weight: 24oz (682g)

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