Glow Plugs

  • $ 55.00

Standard and Turbo Plugs. Sold in Cards of 5 plugs each.


Standard Marine Special Glowplug


Standard Special Glowplug

C1S - Special Ultra Hot

C2S - Special Extra Hot

C3S - Special Very Hot (Low Nitro)

C4S - Special Hot (Low Nitro)

C5S - Special Hot (Medium Nitro)

C6S - Special Medium (Medium Nitro)

C7S - Special Cold (High Nitro)

C8S - Special Extra Cold (High Nitro)

C9S - Special Ultra Cold (High Nitro)



Conical Turbo Marine Glowplug


Conical Turbo Glowplug

C5TF- Conical glowplug "Turbo F" hot, (Low Nitro)

C6TF- Conical glowplug "Turbo F" medium, (Medium-High Nitro)

C7TF- Conical glowplug "Turbo F" cold, (High Nitro)



Conical Turbo Gold Marine Glowplug

 Conical Turbo Ultra Gold Glowplug specific for Off-Road engines

C5TGC - Conical Turbo Gold Glowplug, (Low-Medium Nitro)

C6TGC - Conical Turbo Gold Glowplug, (Medium-High Nitro)

C7TGC - Conical Turbo Gold Glowplug, (High Nitro)

C8TGC - Conical Turbo Gold Glowplug, (High Nitro) 


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